Finding the ‘Perfect’ dress

Is it just me, or is it incredibly hard to find that certain ‘perfect’ dress?

I  usually begin with one website, which then spirals into dozens, eventually overwhelming me, and I give up. But then I have this little tick in the back of my head that encourages me to continue the search for that special dress.

As I search and scroll through hundreds of dresses, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be an editor of a magazine. Picking out the best of the best. I can’t even choose a dress! When I look at the dresses, I’m looking for something sophisticated, flirty, fun and also, affordable! I go to all the known websites like Boohoo, Forever 21 and Asos, but find I take so much time obsessing over finding my ‘perfect’ dress that I loose focus and begin to panic when I can’t find it. I feel like a broken record, picking up my laptop opening it then closing it, putting it down then, picking it up again.

When I finally stumbled upon my ‘perfect’ dress on Charlotte Russe, it was after days of searching. I felt comfortable that it would fit me perfectly and was very affordable!

One thing I’ve found while searching for a dress was, that it takes time! You can’t just go online and expect to find it. Try find dresses that suit you, and your body shape. Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in can help you to feel more confident!

How To: Get Long Hair

Photo from Tumblr

If you decide to grow out your hair, here are some tips to help. Please note that there is no scientific way of growing out your hair and these are just ideas that can help keep your hair in its best condition.

The most important tip for growing long hair is NOT to use heat! Heat damages the hair and causes it to split or break.  This means no straighteners/flat, curling, or perming irons. If you do choose to use them use heat protectant spray. TRESemmé Heat Defence is a well priced heat protectant that can be purchased at Boots for 6.69 euros.

A healthy diet and drinking plenty of water also influences our hair growth. Water keeps you and your hair hydrated. Eating a balanced amount of protein is essential for your hair. Also zinc and iron help hair growth. Eating foods like beans and tofu have lots of iron, and foods like chickpeas, peanut butter and crab have lots of zinc.

Try not to wash your hair too much. Washing your hair too much can take away its natural oils. Try wash your hair 2-3 times a week, between showers use dry shampoo and conditioner. After washing your hair use detangling spray, a wide tooth comb or even your fingers to brush out knots. When your hair is wet it is easy to break.

Shower with cold/luke warm water. Showering in hot water opens the pours and the shampoo/conditioner can get clogged up. Try using a hair mask or deep conditioner once a week.

Don’t pull your hair back really tight. This once again causes your hair to break. Try looser hair styles like loose side braids or low ponytails.

Massage your scalp. When brushing your hair massage your hair massage your scalp, this will get the blood pumping and will help stimulate hair growth. Be careful when brushing, don’t over do it. It can break the hair.

Trimming your hair? Your hair doesn’t grow from your ends, it grows from your routs. I trim my hair every 5-6 months, but I can go for very long periods of not trimming my hair because I hardly ever use heat. It is usually suggested that trimming helps to strengthen hair and prevent it from looking damaged and thin. When you have reached the length you like try to get it trimmed regularly to make it look stronger and healthier.

*Girl, Let your hair down. Let your hair be loose, using hair ties and pins will stress your hair.

I hope these tips help! Hair grows 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month, so be patient.

*(or boy)


8 Thing (in my handbag) I Can’t Live Without

I must apologise for my lack of posting lately, but I have been very busy. Since I have been on the go a lot lately, I have realised that their are lots of things I bring with me. So here are 8 things in my bag I cant live without.

1.  The simple things: phone, purse, and keys. I have a Victoria Secret phone case which has save my phone so many times the number must be infinite! My purse is from a market that I visited when I was in France. I haven’t lost it yet, so I must be doing something right.

2. I always have my Maybelline Baby Lips in ‘Pink Punch’ in my bag along with my vanilla and macadamia Nivea lip butter. Its really good for chapped lips and it smells delicious! The Baby Lips helps to give a pop of colour.

3.  ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ is always at the bottom of my bag but I always end up reading it. I have read it before but since the movie came out I have decided to read it again because I am a huge fan! I would really recommend this book to everyone!

4. Wrigles Extra chewing gum. I always have a tub of this gum, mostly because it lasts longer, but also because it doesn’t leave a mess in my bag and its big enough to find. I also have Hubba Bubba strawberry chewing gum, I just think it tastes amazing!

5. Tissues. During cold months its always handy to keep some tissues. I keep mine in the side pocket as a just in case.

6. Anti Bacterial Hand Gel and Hand Moisturiser. I find when I’m out my hands feel really dirty. As well as killing bacteria it smells like passion fruit and mangos. To help not dry out my hands I keep a Vaseline hand moisturiser too.

7. Since I have slight obsession with body mist I always keep at least one with me. At the moment I keep my Victoria Secret ‘Mango Temptation’ body mist as well as my Body Shop ‘Raspberry and Pomegranate’ too. I think they just smell very fresh and bright.

8.  Lastly I have my Benefit lip gloss in the colour Dallas. It lasts a really long time on me, and I use it whenever I wear make up.  It also smells nice, but I don’t know if that’s just me?

What are your must haves in your bag?


Victoria Secret Body Mist Review

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist Review

Recently Victoria Secret has opened its first shop in Ireland! As I am a huge fan I am so thankful that they did. The only down side is that the shop is in the airport. So unless you’re planning a trip away, its hard to get into contact with this amazing shop!

I was lucky enough to be going through the airport the day it did open though. The shop is beautiful! It’s captivating it simply draws you in! It has its classic but flirty theme.

Anyway, onto the body mists. It takes up a huge wall! It does have all its compatible body washes and body moisturizers too. The shop assistants were very helpful and did a great job of recommending which scents I might like.  In the end I picked up Pure Seduction and Sheer Love. I got Love Spell as a Christmas gift too.

I find that body mists are more comfortable because they are lighter than perfumes and unfortunately; I’m not a fan of over powering scents!

Pure Seduction

This is one of my favourites! It is a combination of red plum and freesia. It has a sweet, fruity smell that is irresistible… (That’s the freesia). Although it can be strong you only have to use 3 to 4 spritz to capture its fantastic smell. I think it is more suited to summer because of its floral scent and it is more of a daytime smell. It can be paired very nicely with the Sheer Love Moisturizer.

 Sheer Love

I am a big fan of Sheer Love! It’s my most used so far. It’s a combination of white cotton and pink lily. It has a smell that you cant quite put your finger on it, but is simply irresistible. It smells fresh and floral. Its lighter than Pure Seduction so 4 to 5 spritz may be needed but it depends on how strong you want it. It’s a springtime scent that you wear during the day. It’s not as strong as most Victoria’s Secret body mists, which are usually sweeter.

Love Spell

I got this as a Christmas gift as well as the body wash and moisturizer. It’s a combination of cherry blossom and peach. I think it smells like a cherry yogurt! It’s really sweet and flirty. It’s nothing too chic, but it’s a good uplifting smell that’s fruity and fun. If you’re not into strong smells it may not be your cup of tea, but you could use 2 spritz and it does last a while! It’s a spring or summer time scent that you would wear in the day just to freshen up.

With most body mist it has longevity of 4 hours, but it usually depends on the amount of spritz!

I am really happy with this product! I love the packaging although most people think its odd having a thicker top half of the bottle; I think it looks pretty. The bottles all have different girly colours to according to there sent like pink or purple. While most perfumes can be very expensive these are 12 euros for 250 ml! They can be bought in Victoria’s Secret stores and online.

Which scent is your favourite?

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

As 2013 comes to a close and 2014 draws in, there’s only one thing on my mind… What lip balm am I going to use this year? As I search high and low in the pharmacy’s, I found a recurring lip balm which screamed at me with it vibrant colours, of coarse I couldn’t resist trying them!

By now most people have heard of these adorable baby lips! I’ll be keeping it short tell you my thoughts on these fab lip balms.

Peach Kiss

To start of with, Peach Kiss is one of the weaker tinted lip balms. It has a tint of sheer nude and  smells like an artificial/very sweet peach. It does the job of making dry lips have a silky look but it does not last too long and unfortunately is not think enough for my lips.

*To improve, it could have a longer lasting finish and a more realistic sent.

Pink Punch

Pink Punch is defiantly one of the stronger tinted lip balms! The name of the lip balm sums it up completely! It is a vibrant Rose pink that smells like, the most delicious tropical punch! It is very luxuriously thick and silky,  AND has a long lasting finish that lasts up to 8 hours. Pink Punch is one of my favorites.

Cherry Me

This is my favorite tinted lip balm! Cherry Me is my most used lip balm. It has a deep red colour, and smells like the most amazing cherries! Like Pink Punch it makes your lips look very full and hydrated, which is great for someone like me with smaller lips!

*Cherry Me does the perfect job of giving a fuller lip and being extremely soft.

Mint Fresh

Mint Fresh is not one of the tinted lip balms, it is clear. Mint Fresh smells like… mint. It hydrates and makes the lips look smooth and silky. Only be carful that your lips don’t get irritated because of the mint when chapped! The lip balm does a good job of not drying out the lips too, unlike some lip balm that ironically do!

*I recommend it to those who want to try out the baby lips line and are unsure about the tinted lip balms

Hydrate & Intensive Care

I found that these two lip balms ended up doing the same thing for me. Only Hydrate has more of a citrus sent and Intensive Care has more of a sweet sent. They don’t make chapped lips go away, but they do hydrate them. They don’t have the WOW factor, but they are very nice!

*I apply these as a primer for when I put on my make-up.


I have already been absorbed into the world of baby lips and can safely say that I will be keeping these in my handbag for now! I would defiantly recommend these adorable lip balms, which are well priced at 4.49 euros in boots!

Which baby lips did you like and not like?